Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not your average Hamburgers

Last night was my night off of cooking (sort of). My BF makes great hamburgers so we decided that he would cook those. I was just going to throw some oven fries in the oven (duh), but he reminded me that we had gotten a deep fryer for Christmas. While we don't usually do deep fried food I decided to live a little and make some fries. I don't really have a recipe for his burgers (he makes me leave the kitchen while he mixes the mixture, LOL) I do know that he uses tabasco sauce and lots of seasonings. Plus he helped me take the picture and was picky about it. And YES that is regular bread instead of buns because I forgot buns at the store and we added bacon.

For the fries I just cut up potatoes and seasoned them with seasoning salt before frying them.

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